I’m a painter.  I’ve painted after work, on the weekends, at workshops and at night classes over the years.  In 2002 I had the opportunity go back to school full-time and really throw myself into painting.  I quit my full-time job with a nice, comfy office (and a paycheck) to become a full-time student again.  I studied at Santa Rosa Junior College, where I earned my AA degree and then I transferred to Sonoma State University.

I consider myself lucky to have had a number of wonderful professors there, including Mark Perlman, Kurt Kemp, and Jann Nunn.  I loved the atmosphere of creative energy in the Art Department at SSU, and received my Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting there in 2006.

Meanwhile, our family was facing some challenges.  Our precious granddaughter, a toddler at the time, was diagnosed with Autism.  Helping our daughter care for her child and get her the services that were so incredibly vital at that point became my number one goal and my full-time occupation for several years.  During that time I painted when I could, but wasn’t able to put much time or energy into it.

Our daughter and granddaughter don’t need my help as much these days.  They moved farther away in July of 2011, but are still close enough that we get to see them often.  I am working in the studio regularly once again, doing my work.  Painting.