Ruby Glow

by Sheila

0189_Ruby Glow_web

“Ruby Glow”, 2016, oil on panel, 6″ x 6″, © Sheila G. Ticen


This painting was a good reminder of how important it is to step back from the work.  I had it done, or nearly done, when my husband invited me to join him and our dog for our daily walk.  Something had been nagging at me as I worked, but I had pushed it aside in my focus on completing the painting.  As soon as I stepped back into the studio after our walk, the problem was readily apparent.    One of the nice things about working small and fast is that it is much easier to simply pick up my wipe out tool and scrape off the problem area while the paint is still wet, which is just what I did.  I then quickly blocked in my changes and followed up the next day with the finishing touches.