Fresh Threads

by Sheila



“Fresh Threads”, oil on panel, © Sheila G. Ticen, 2016


I use one of the drawers in my antique Singer treadle sewing machine as storage for my colored threads, another drawer for neutral tones.  The drawer of colored threads is my own tiny domain of chromatic order.

I arrange the spools so that they fill the long, narrow drawer in two rows of shining hues, a little visual treat each time I slide the drawer open.  Violets leading to blues, greens, yellows, and so on.

My boxes of paint tubes enjoy no such tidy consideration.  Two sturdy plastic storage boxes (lids removed) house my paints, “cool” hues in one box, and “warm” hues in the other.  The only reason I separate them at all is to facilitate quickly grabbing whatever color I need in the moment.